Industrial & Operations Engineers

SanDisk Corporation needs Industrial & Operations Engineers in Milpitas, California to be responsible for product development for production, planning and order management functions. Identify, develop, and promote new technologies, methods, and processes. Responsible for identifying opportunities, performing analysis and making observations as well as recommendations in alignment with Quality and Improvement Philosophy. Analyze forecast demand and product planning. Utilizes graduate-level research and analysis skills.
Employer will accept Masters degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering or related technical field. Education or experience must include:
1. Articulate challenges and solutions of supply chain management;
2. Modeling hierarchy beginning with deterministic and stochastic models of capacity, system capacity, including cycle time, work-in-progress, inventory control, and the role of variability as captured in queuing models;
3. Master analytical models of the throughput, cycle time and WIP (work-in-progress) of operations under varying levels of variability;
4. Modeling Process Quality, Statistical Process Control, and Control Charts for Variables and Attributes;
5. Strategic role of supply chain, inventory management in an efficient supply chain, forecasting in supply chain context, supply chain contracts and financial transactions;
6. Globalization and manufacturing paradigms, mathematical analysis of mass product customization, responsive business models and enterprise globalization strategies; and
7. Concepts of push and pull related to work release policies and flow control.
Experience may be gained concurrently.
To apply, please reference job code #SD166 when mailing resume to:
SanDisk Corporation
951 SanDisk Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035

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