Sr. Device Engineers

SanDisk Corporation needs Sr. Device Engineers in Milpitas, California to Design, develop, modify and evaluate digital electronic parts, components or integrated circuitry for digital electronic equipment and other hardware systems. Determine design approaches and parameters. Responsible for characterizing, analyzing, and qualifying new generation non-volatile flash memory devices. Review product requirements with design staff to ensure compatibility of processing methods, compile and evaluate test data to determine appropriate limits and variables for device design, process or material specifications, and may conceive and plan projects involving definition and selection of new concepts and approaches in the development of new or improved device designs and processes. Perform in-depth analysis on advanced non-volatile memory devices at wafer/die level, for recommending corrective actions, and for developing methods and processes that will improve device reliability and performance.
Employer will accept a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material Science or related technical field. Education or experience must include: Analyzing semiconductor devices; Measuring and characterizing semiconductor devices; Operating standard semiconductor characterization equipment, including parametric analyzer, and capacitance-voltage meter; and Programming and data processing skills.
To apply, please reference job code #SD330 when mailing resume to:
SanDisk Corporation
951 SanDisk Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035

Don't Be Fooled

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